Transforming speech & language therapy

Empowering clinicians to deliver greater support to more people through a family-centric support system

How it works

Enhancing your workflow

Before therapy

Before therapy

Higher engagement

Offer curated content to your clients while they prepare for their first session, setting the stage for higher engagement

During therapy

During therapy

Clinic & Family Support

Define therapeutic objectives clients can work towards at home. These can be shared with the broader family, ensuring a united support system

After therapy

After therapy

Long term Monitoring

Ongoing self-assessments, empowering parents to track progress and identify further support needs


Explore all benefits of using SuperPenguin

SuperPenguin seamlessly adapt to you SLP practice

SuperPenguin seamlessly adapts to your SLP practice

Our web dashboard aligns with your SLP workflow, allowing you to control therapy content and maintain continuous on-demand support with clients.

Manage & share your content materials in one place

Quickly review materials to ensure safety and relevance. If you have any specific requests, we can integrate them for you!
If you are not an expert in a specific area, our content materials could upgrade your skills.

Manage & share your content materials in one place
Family-First Approach

Family-First Approach

We prioritize adults as primary users, enabling content sharing with other family members, creating a family ecosystem that supports the child's speech development journey together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you are looking for, get in touch

Which areas of speech-language pathology does SuperPenguin currently support?

We're focusing on stuttering right now, but our platform is designed to easily adapt to other speech conditions.

When will SuperPenguin expand to other areas?

We're on the lookout for partners to develop content for other areas on our platform. Partners will receive free lifetime access to our new solutions!

How can I become a partner and receive free lifetime access?

Just send an email to with the subject line “Partnership!” and we'll respond with more details.

How can SuperPenguin be adapted to my therapy workflow?

We're keen to work with you during this initial phase to tailor SuperPenguin to your specific needs. You can even create exclusive content for your clients on our platform if you are interested.

What does SuperPenguin cost?

Our earliest version is free for those on our waiting list. Be an early adopter and enjoy SuperPenguin at no cost!

Why is SuperPenguin free at the moment?

Having already developed two successful stuttering solutions, one NHS-endorsed, we're now focusing on a comprehensive therapeutic tool and we aim to collect as much feedback as possible from SLPs during the development process.

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